The Agony of Losing Jobs!

The most horrible thing for this generation to carefully overcome is from the shock of losing jobs! The only income source for many in India is from their jobs. And now, they are going to loose it! That too at an age where they are not in a position to learn something new to cope with!

This week, I got another shocking news of delayed salary payments by a newspaper group. It is been more than four months now! And the working journalists are struggling to live up to their standards! Credit Card overdues are mounting up. Threatening calls just have started coming in. So, what’s next? Nobody knows!

“I never thought of loosing my job at any point of time! Life was settled with projects after projects. Yes, I did a mistake of not upskilling myself. But then, I really had no time for that. Working overtime, onsite visits… I was so dedicated to my job,” said Naveen Damodaran a Software Engineer based in Bangalore. He has been given a pink slip by his company.

Naveen is totally clueless of his future plans. “Well I am an expert in coding. But in a specific segment. I tried out many job interviews. No one wants experienced people and for a higher cost. So got rejection letters from all of them. I can’t blame them too because they can get new chaps with better working spirits for lesser salaries”. He explained the situation.

Almost all companies in India were keen only on exploiting their employees working capacities. They never thought of upskilling them but gave them Pizzas to eat and Colas to drink. Set up Gym’s and Recreation Clubs to enjoy life. Top of it you get pickup and drop facilities. Nothing more and nothing less!

In India, manpower has never been taken seriously by companies to be considered for regular knowledge up-gradation procedures. People join work with some specific job role qualification and start working. They move on to the next level without any up-gradation on knowledge base. They only have the experience to overcome the knowledge deficiencies. Sometimes it works fine. But sometimes it boomerangs. Sooner or later they pay for it!

The agony of losing job is totally individualistic. But its impact on the social behaviour will be huge. Many are totally confused on what to do next with the pink slip in hand. Some have plans to move ahead with entrepreneurship ideas. And some are really planning to retire and do nothing!

At this moment of crisis, I would like to suggest all those who have lost their jobs not to panic. Just sit down and chart out a plan. Take a survey on what you can do and what you can’t do. First and foremost thing is that spread the news that you are available for services. It can even be consultancy services. There is nothing to hide. Your reputation is not in stake as you loose your job. It is yet another phase of life. Take it lightly.

After working for more than ten years or so at reputed companies it has become very difficult for people even to apply for new jobs. Many of then have never had updated their resumes! Good money, good facilities… So the problems!!

Information Technology boom in India made our education system vulnerable to specific subject preferences. Many of our youngsters were forced to study IT just because of its job prospectus. It was as if you don’t get to Engineering or Medicine you are good for nothing! The Medical and Engineering entrance coaching hubs mushroomed all over India. They made a fortune by showing many parents beautiful dreams of career future. The parental pressure to get into IT was the only reason for many to pursue the course. They spent four five years in Engineering colleges and attends campus interviews for jobs. Life was almost settled then!

In one way these job losses are blessings in disguise! Many brainy characters have come out from their cocoon to do better things! Not to work for someone else but for themselves. Lot of technoentrepreneurships are in the pipeline. And many so called MNC brands are going to suffer this heat!!


Article originally posted by Shajan C Kumar on LinkedIn

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