Amity School Of Communication-Greater Noida represented Indian public in Kya Kehta hai India on Zee News

Amity School of communication-Greater Noida campus organised a one day studio visit and workshop at ZEE Studios, Film City, Sector-16 Noida, on their popular debate show Kya Kehta hai India. This opportunity greatly helped students to get exposure and meet some of the prominent media personalities and renowned speakers like Acharya Vikramaditya, Hindu Dharmguru, Rakesh Sinha, RSS Vichaarak, Tehseen Poonawalla- Political analyst, Rahul Ishwar- Activist, Father Dinesh Dass- Isayee Dharm Guru, Mufti Mohammad Manssor Ziyai, Muslim Dharmguru, Ashish Sood- BJP leader.In this workshop students and faculty of Amity School Of Communication-Greater Noida campus participated with a great zeal. This special show of Zee News gives a chance to the people of India to voice their opinions in public. The topic of the debate explores The Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto, asks in his letter for a prayer campaign and a day of fasting every week for the nation. Is there a religious planning to defeat PM Modi in 2019 elections?

Students experienced how a show is produced with the help of multi-camera setup and how a live debate is controlled without an anchor present in the studio. Among the students Mr. Sparsh Maan and faculty Ms. Malvika Sagar actively participated by asking questions to the panelist. Students in Zee studios observed great infrastructure, they learned and explored how to manage live editing of the show. Not only limited to the learning the technical aspects of production of a debate show, they understood the nitty gritty on how much pain it takes to produce a one hour non stop debate show. Also what is the role of media in shaping the views of the citizens. They felt at an ease when they applied the agenda setting theory in the practical sense while production of this show. They were able to comprehend that how media sets an agenda for the public. Over all it was a great learning experience for the students.

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