Success is just an illusion until we work, but work hard for that – CEO Meet at AUGN

AUGN CEO Meet 2018

As part of the 2018 orientation program Amity University Greater Noida campus held “AUGN CEO meet”. CEO meet was an interactive session in which the students get a chance to gain knowledge about the industry and the CEOs get chance to answer the queries of curious students. The dignitaries were accompanied by the DG and Group VC Dr. Gurinder Singh Sir accompanied by Dean Academics Prof J.S. Jassi, Dean T&P, Admin Brig H.S. Dhanny, Mr. AK Chaudhary VP & Registrar.

First on list to start the event was Head HR of TCS, Mr Rajat Bhattacharya. Mr Rajat has an extensive experience of 25 years in the field of Strategy deployment of HR, talent management and HR administration. He is an anthropologist and is associated with TATA group since last 17 years. Mr Bhattacharya told the students about his climbing steps to success, the reality of the corporate world. Mr Bhattacharya debriefed the student about the advancing industry and increasing competition before ending his speech with a warm good luck to the students.

Next to address was Mrs Vaani Gandha, who is currently the Noida Head HR of Nucleus software. Mrs Gandha is founder of Bulls Eye which is a consulting firm offering consultancy services to upcoming Engineering and MBA/PGDM institutes and has received many dignified and decorated awards like “Teacher Excellence Award”, ” Power of Performance Award”. Mrs Gandha motivated the student with her experienced analysis about the oppertunities in entrepreneurship and challenges in facing the corporate world as a newbie.

Mr Samrat Mandal, Director HR Compensation & Benefits (Asia Pacific)- Fiserv was next to motivate the students. Mr Mandal has worked in multiple countries like China, Malaysia, UK, Singapore and Sri Lanka. He is an IIM Shrillong Post Graduate and has many HR related certification. Mr Samrat amused the student with his views to think objects differently and not to pre occupy them, his positive approach towards perceptions motivated many students. In the end he signed off with a small vote of thanks.
Next came the day old Vice President of India Expostion Mart ltd. Mr Sudeep Sarcar. Like the other dignitaries Mr Sarcar has the experience of managing high profile events at IIT, World Bank, United Nations etc.

Mr Sarcar was short on his speech he emphasised on the fact that success is not a one day process it takes years to come. Mr Sarcar was introduced the students to the problems he faced during managing events and how from managing small events he got the oppertunity to manage Auto Expo and 4 more world famous events.

Mr Sumeet Jha – CEO of PS Quick IT was next on the list. Mr Jha has stronghold experience in leading from front, account management, strategic planning, execution, budgeting, people management, client management. He is a successful collaborator with cross functional teams for organizational initiatives and has setup successful large multi locational delivery teams, grounds-up for enterprises in on-site , offshore, offshore and BOT model.

Mr Jha told about his story of how he motivated himself despite failures and how he was honest with his work. He asked the student to never lose motivation and have guts to challenge their limitations.

Mr Shashi Lochan Singh- Chief video Technology – Zee Media Corporation.Mr Singh is with Zee Media for last 25 years. He is a professionally skilled in News writing, Camera handling , Broadcast engineering, television production and documentary film making.

Mr Shashi told the students about the importance of “Zidd”. He said that his secret to success was firm desire to do things and how he gained knowledge about his business so that no one can question him.

In a fluent hindi he ended his power packed speech with ” किसी काम को इतनी शिद्धत से करो की कोई गलती ना निकल सके”.

Mr Rakesh Dhyani CEO – Celerity Infosolutions marked his presence on the dias. Mr Dhyani has the experience in the field of research and handling big projects. His depth of experience counts to 28 years, currently the CEO of Celerity Info Solutions – which provides IT services, remote IT management and open source development. Mr Dhayni stressed on the fact of increasing competition and how the competition is not just within world but also within India. He wished the students a best of luck on their quest to become CEO like him.

Ashwini Tiwari – Founder of Autobot India. He us known to be a good marketing analytic, a good team player, the troubleshooter, dynamic personality to work in any work-ecosystem and is devoted to challenges.He believes in ” Success is just an illusion until we work, but work hard for that”.

Mr Tiwari interacted to students about entrepreneurship and problems he faced while growing as an organization. He warned the students about the competition and told them to be specific with their goals and innovation. He also told the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.
Followed by the interaction session, Vice( Personnel)& Registrar addressed the students and gave his vote of thanks to the dignitaries.

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