Government raided me on my daughter’s dream! Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy at Talk Journalism 2018 true news

MP and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy shared his experience during the Emergency to young journalism students. He was giving keynote speech at Talk Journalism 2018 which concluded recently in Jaipur.

Along with other leaders, he was also underground since Indian government led by Indira Gandhi issued an arrest warrant against Jan Sangh MP then. During emergency, he traveled to US through Srilanka and Nepal where he started building opinion against emergency which also restricted freedom of press in India.

Suhasini Haider

The police were behind his family for clues of his presence and movement. “They raided for me after his daughter’s statement that she met her father” Swamy on lighter note refereed his daughter Suhasini Haider’s statement to the police back in 1976 when she was 3. When police failed to find Swamy in house, Suhasini told that “I saw my father in my dreams”.

Suhasini Haider was also present in the venue as a speaker. She is Diplomatic Editor at The Hindu. 

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