Ellen Church – The first sky girl

Ellen Church nursing supervisor of pediatrics at Milwaukee County Hospital became first flight assistant in world in 1930 at United Airlines (B.A.T). Before that all flight service industry was only all – men’s world.

On May 15, 1930, she embarked on a Boeing 80A for a 20-hour flight from Oakland/San Francisco to Chicago with 13 stops and 14 passengers.

Unfortunately Church’s career as a flight attendant/stewardess was relatively brief—only about 18 months. She was sidelined by an auto accident but had a distinguished career as a nurse in World War II. She served as a flight nurse in the Army Nurse Corps, and earned an air medal. She died in a tragic horseback riding accident in 1965.

Cresco’s municipal airport was named Ellen Church Field (KCJJ) in her honor.

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