In Focus

Poetic tribute to nation

August 15, 2018

Kashish Mahajan is an upcoming poet and journalism student based in New Delhi. On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day of India, she like to dedicate her poem “आज़ादी”(freedom) to all fellow Indians and people around the world. thanks Kashish for sharing her work with us.  आज़ादी एक जश्न था..वही हज़ारो क लिए कफ़न […]

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Artist In Focus – Sabari Nath

May 11, 2018

Sabari Nath is an contemporary digital artist based in Kerala. After completing  his graduation from Fine Arts College, Trivandrum, he is now focusing his career in applied arts. He also holds a degree in journalism and mass communication. His works are getting popularity for its content which is close to nature and social reality. True […]

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